As discussed in our previous article, the key to successful marketing for contractors is to make sure potential customers find you—usually via Google search—when they need you, rather than targeting them with annoying (and expensive) ad campaigns.

This is a very important insight.

It’s the difference between traditional outbound marketing, which uses paid ads across a variety of media platforms, and inbound marketing, which allows people to discover you naturally online.

This is probably the easiest and most important thing that you can do, and you can get started on it right away and, FOR FREE. So if you are short on time but want to get the ball rolling, make this step a priority!

Creating a “Google My Business” (formerly Google Places) page through Google has huge advantages that will help you move up in the search results.

Google feels most comfortable sharing content it can support and verify. So if Google can verify that your business is authentic, it will potentially reward you by ranking it higher in local searches.

As we mentioned in the previous article, contracting businesses are typically local firms.

Remember this – people normally include a local element (a geo term) in their search:

“Best Painting Company in New York City”
“Roofers in Seattle”
“Pittsburgh Bathroom Remodeling”
“Boston Kitchen Designers”

By adding the location of your business in your Google “My Business” profile and collecting reviews (see below), you can potentially end up in the local pack. There are only three spots available in the local pack so ending up there is pure gold.

Here’s what I’m talking about: 


So, go do it now! It’s doesn’t require any technical skills and it’s super simple to get started—just click here.

Fill in all the information and be sure to mention your “NAP details”: business Name, Address and Phone number. This is super important if you want to get into the local pack.

I’d also advise you to upload a professional cover photo and profile images, which are especially important for a visual industry like kitchen & bath remodeling contractors.

Here’s a useful guide with more info, tips and tricks for setting up your My Business page.

As we have mentioned before, research has shown that local businesses can outrank big national brands in local pack placement, since Google favors homegrown firms over franchised corporations with many locations.

So that’s great news for local contractors, as it confirms that we, small local companies, have a chance to get into the local pack.

Even if you don’t make the local pack, setting up your My Business page will help you to rank more highly as a local business in general.

According to the 2017 edition of Moz’ Local Search Ranking Factors Survey, Google’s “My Business” feature continues to be the biggest driver of local SEO success.

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