PPC Ads For Automotive Dealers

PPC Ads For An Automotive Dealer – Tri-State Ford

Google Search · Remarketing Display · Google My Business Management

The client was running Google Ads already to promote their Automotive Sales & Service to local customers. The account was producing a lot of irrelevant searches from people looking for entirely different services. Nearly 90% of this client’s monthly ad spend budget was being completely wasted. To the untrained eye, this account looked like it was performing awesome – it was producing lots of inquiries for the dealership. However, when we dove into the data, we saw that nearly every inquiry was from completely irrelevant search terms that had nothing to do with the client’s goals. This allowed us to take all the wasted ad spend and apply it to highly productive terms that produced quality inquiries from people actually needing specific automotive services. This hyper-targeted Google Ads strategy combined with On-Page SEO, Database E-mail Marketing, and Google My Business Management & Optimization has lead Tri-State to 3 back-to-back record months in all forms of digital metrics including: more traffic, decreased bounce rates, increase in leads & phone calls, and an increase in conversion rates. The best part is, we are just getting started.








Nick Frantzis

Marketing Manager, Tri-State Ford

As a Marketing Manager at a family of automotive dealerships it is paramount that my digital presence is consistent, effective, and a step ahead of my competition. Working in partnership with Josh, we have had several record setting months when considering lead generation, measurable marketing ROI, and website traffic driven from both paid and organic sources. I am often impressed with the expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness brought to the table by 412 Digital.