Cilajet Aviation Grade

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Cilajet Aviation Grade auto paint protection was originally developed for the commercial aerospace industry as an anti-corrosive sealant for painted and metal surfaces. Cilajet’s car polish and ceramic coatings conform to the most recent Boeing Specification #D6-17487 (Rev. T), as well as Airbus Specification #AIMS09-00-002

A commercial jet sees more extremes in just one week than a car may ever see in its lifetime! The same Cilajet products designed to protect these aircraft are now available to protect your car, motorsport vehicle or RV.

Ever since Cilajet’s Aviation Grade formula was released to the automobile industry in 2007, Cilajet has been recognized as the premier coating to protect a vehicle’s finish from harsh environmental contaminants such as UV rays/oxidation, bird droppings, acid rain and more. Cilajet Aviation Grade is simply the best auto paint sealant available today.

Cilajet was only ranking organically for their Branded Name (Cilajet) and not for any of their products. We did a complete overhaul of their website and rebuilt it on a foundation based on Google Best Practices. Cilajet has seen an immediate lift in non-branded search volume and business is booming.





MR. Matthew Reade

Chief Marketing Office, Cilajet Aviation Grade

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