Google for Contractors

Let’s think like a consumer for a second…

Your spouse comes home and says they received a big bonus from all of the hard work they have invested in their company and he/she wants to remodel the kitchen. Other than the obvious rush of excitement what is the next thing you do?

Well, for most people, they do a Google search to find a trustworthy Contractor. What’s that you say? You would ask a family member or friend? Okay, but then what would you do next? Typically, people either call a friend and ask for a recommendation, or they do a Google search!

The first option – getting existing customers to refer you to their friends – is primarily a by product of always serving your customers with integrity, offering exceptional customer service, and doing high quality work.

The second option – getting your name higher in Google Search Results – requires a little more technical expertise.

Having your business show high in Google Search Results is probably the most important factor for getting people to know you exist – and having them eventually reach out to you. Why? Because research shows that most people find local businesses through online searches. And contractors are local businesses.

When people search for your service, they will normally include your city or region in the search.

If I were to look for a bath remodeling company, I would run a Google search for “pittsburgh bathroom remodeling.”

If you’re living in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and looking for someone to remodel your kitchen, you would probably type in something like “south hills kitchen designers.” Let’s see what that pulls up.

If you’re a contractor that does kitchen remodeling in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, you obviously want to rank highly in these search results. Ideally, you want your business to sit among these highlighted top three hits, also called the “local pack”.


Google For Contractors

If you’re not ranking on the first page of Google results, you’re missing out on a lot of valuable website and/or blog visitors (all of whom are potential customers). The key is to make sure potential customers find you when they need you.

Below are five ways to get your contractor business ranking on the first page of Google results for specific keywords.

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