Are You Looking for a Free Negative Keyword List for your Google Ads Campaigns?

It has come to my attention that many Marketers, Agencies, and Business Owners are not using enough Negative Keywords. Whether you are brand new to Google Ads or have been running Search Engine PPC campaigns since the beginning of 2000, I am certain that this Free Negative Keyword List will help you get more conversions for your budget, decrease your cost per conversion, and increase conversion rate.

Negative Keyword List

How can I make this claim? Well, negative keywords play an important role in maximizing the ROI of any Google Search Campaign. I’ve taken over dozens of accounts where not a single negative was added before I took the reigns and saw increases in performance and decreases in cost per conversion by simply uploading the negative keyword lists I have included in this post. What this tells me is that Marketers, Agencies, and Business Owners are missing out on chances to maximize the ROI of their Google Ads PPC budget because negative keyword strategies are often overlooked.

I’ve given you over 1,000 keywords that I use in every single one of my campaigns to maximize ROI and eliminate thousands of dollars of wasted spend on irrelevant clicks. So stop wasting your money and check implement these negative keyword lists to your business right now!

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